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Barack Obama + Medieval Times + Fall 09 Runway Shows = Knights in Shining Armor

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Heraldry is hot. Heraldry is strangely sexy; it speaks to this chivalrous vision we all had/have about (our) knights in shining armor being the epitome of romance, strength, safety, valor and nobility.  They’re badass, they’re secretive, they’re ready to rock & roll at any minute, these knights we imagine. They’re our protectors, our saviors, our sentries.


00010fIn the current state of the world, it makes perfect sense to me that suddenly fairy-tale-ish notions of times past seem to take over our everyday thoughts. (Note that many of the Fall/Winter 09 fashion collections featured corsets, velvet, muffs and ruffs galloping down the runways.) We escape into memories—the amorous crescendos from the soundtrack of “Camelot” scratching away on a record player in my parents New York Times strewn living room on a Sunday afternoon circa 1972 comes to mind here—to comfort us, make us feel good and safe and secure. Like our very own knight is looking out for us.

2-1While the idea of wearing a crinoline ruff walking down Broadway makes me think the designer who created it drank one too many pewter cups of grog, little trinkets and nods to this sense of security seems apt and appropriate. I saw in a recent edition of Teen Vogue a colorful spread of coats-of-arms pins cutely attached to a sweater and heraldic belts wrapped around some pretty lady-in-waiting type wearable chiffon dresses. The lion shield brooch on looks real enough to be vintage, but without the Sotheby’s price tag. bestow-010webIt’s updated and funny, and I want to wear it attached to my last-year’s Balenciaga purse. I like the idea of shielding my wallet in times like these.

We’ve all been talking about eating at home more now; instead of making reservations, we’re actually making dinner. I think a themed party would be just the thing, using the coat of arms, the ultimate symbol of pomp & ceremony, safety & connection, as a guide. (Although there are some comic/tragic memories of a birthday party long ago at that ridiculously schlocky place The Medievel Times, the Red Knight took my breath away, that could be tapped into for ironic decorations for said dinner party. Everyone’s got those memories, right?)  bestow-143webI saw these coat of arms porcelain trays on that I thought would be cool holding oven roasted nuts and dried fruits as centerpieces for the party. I think everyone should wear golden paper crowns, eat a leg of lamb, drink some mulled wine, and celebrate the safety, and the warmth of the family we create. We are safe amongst our very own knights.

Family crests. Shields. Knights. Obama. Safety. Security. Perfect words for imperfect times.


Bigger Bolder Better

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A necklace from the Lanvin Spring/Summer 09 collection

A necklace from the Lanvin Spring/Summer 09 collection

I had to make a few cutbacks this year. First went the frequent eating-out, then I committed to a smaller clothing budget and drug store make-up, but it was an especially sad day when I made the switch to single ply TP.  It’s times like these when I like to remind myself to look to the little things to keep the pep in my step. This season, however it seems “little” is hard to come by.

Oversized crystal necklace by Martine Wester

Oversized crystal necklace by Martine Wester

Perhaps it’s a sign of the times that while bank accounts are shrinking accessories just keep getting bigger. And why not? What better pick me up than a big glittery bauble around your neck, a frilly feathered hat, or a bejeweled evening bag? Fashionable women throughout history have shown us that when times get tough the tough get glam– be it costume jewelry, fringe or a snappy new hair cut.

Oversized accessories look and feel opulent, but don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. They can transform an old outfit, lift your spirits and always make a statement.  I prefer to draw attention to my impeccable taste (rather than last season’s wardrobe) with big fun faux jewels.

oversized-candle-matches1There is something so luxurious about oversized accessories both on your body and in your home. It’s easy to feel indulgent without feeling guilty with oversized comforts like DL & Co candles (especially when they’re on sale) and if you’re looking to make a good scent last you’ll appreciate this beautiful box of oversized matches (perfect for getting every last usable light from your candles).

-rachel oh!