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Bridal Daydreams – Ideas For The Big Day & Night

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I’m not afraid to admit that despite being 26, I still daydream about my big day. You know, the one where I dress in white and invite all of my friends and family to witness as I become one with the love of my life. Not having found that love hasn’t stopped me from planning what the day might be like. Of course, those plans change frequently. Here’s a smattering of ideas for where my head, heart and daydreams are right now.

modern-bride-tarina2First, I’d select the dress. It’s all about the dress, right? Well, I see myself in a strapless silhouette, seamed and form fitting in the bodice but with a bit of volume in the skirt. A dress that is classic, clean and simple. Then, I can let my accessories do the talking. What better way to start a great conversation than with long fiendishly flapperish pearl & skull lucite necklaces by Tarina Tarantino. Did I mention that my colors would be blush and bashful? Pink and pink.

rosetta2Secondly, speaking of accessories, have you seen the new wedding tiara’s popping up in wedding magazines and on bridal blogs? Headbands crowned in jeweled glory, embellished with flowers and feathers then finished with lace or tulle mini-veils. From shocking to stunning, this new trend in bridal hair is sure to offer up a selection that will suit just about anyone. For me,  I have my heart set on the Ivory Rosetta Flower Bridal Headband.  A deliciously sweet concoction.

slippers1My next order of business would be practical. I’d have my best lady or another trusted friend stash a pair of luxurious silk slippers at the reception site. While I can’t imagine picking shoes that would hurt my feet, I also don’t want to miss out on the dance party I have planned. So better to be safe than sorry and keep a just-in-case shoe nearby.

silk-nightie The last task and the one that puts a smug smile on my face, would be picking out my wedding night lingerie. I don’t care if my friends tell me getting married is the most exhausting day and I’ll just want to collapse into a heap at the end of it all. I’ve still got my hopelessly romantic notions and a fabulous wedding night is one of them. So, I think I’d juxtapose all of that white and pink with something seductive, suggestive and perhaps surprising? Like, the sheer silk nightgown in black. We’ve heard from our customers that it’s extremely flattering. Oui, oui!

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