Bigger Bolder Better

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A necklace from the Lanvin Spring/Summer 09 collection

A necklace from the Lanvin Spring/Summer 09 collection

I had to make a few cutbacks this year. First went the frequent eating-out, then I committed to a smaller clothing budget and drug store make-up, but it was an especially sad day when I made the switch to single ply TP.  It’s times like these when I like to remind myself to look to the little things to keep the pep in my step. This season, however it seems “little” is hard to come by.

Oversized crystal necklace by Martine Wester

Oversized crystal necklace by Martine Wester

Perhaps it’s a sign of the times that while bank accounts are shrinking accessories just keep getting bigger. And why not? What better pick me up than a big glittery bauble around your neck, a frilly feathered hat, or a bejeweled evening bag? Fashionable women throughout history have shown us that when times get tough the tough get glam– be it costume jewelry, fringe or a snappy new hair cut.

Oversized accessories look and feel opulent, but don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. They can transform an old outfit, lift your spirits and always make a statement.  I prefer to draw attention to my impeccable taste (rather than last season’s wardrobe) with big fun faux jewels.

oversized-candle-matches1There is something so luxurious about oversized accessories both on your body and in your home. It’s easy to feel indulgent without feeling guilty with oversized comforts like DL & Co candles (especially when they’re on sale) and if you’re looking to make a good scent last you’ll appreciate this beautiful box of oversized matches (perfect for getting every last usable light from your candles).

-rachel oh!


Spring Into Stationery – A Primer On What To Write Now

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It’s 60 degrees and rising here in New York City. Spring is on the horizon. There’s a freshness in the air. After a winter of hibernation, it’s time to reconnect. While I’m dreaming of lunches in the park (hello, shake shack!) and cocktails on outdoor patios, I also realize it’s time to say hello to friends I might not have talked to recently. In honor of Spring, I offer up a few pieces of advice to help you stay in touch with yourself and others.

bestow-096web1First, never underestimate the power of a paper journal. It’s not the same as blogging and sure it takes longer for many of us to write by hand instead of typing. However, some thoughts should remain private. Carry a journal in your purse and carve out some time each day to write down your personal reflections. Make it an indulgent affair – check in with yourself while sipping a glass of wine or enjoying the beautiful weather in a park.

bestow-112web1Be prepared. Keep an assortment of postcards on hand. These will double for quick hello’s and as gift tags. Top a present with an artful postcard and include your best wishes on the back. Simple, beautiful and time saving. What will you do with the time you reclaim for strolling up and down greeting card aisles? May I suggest these gorgeous postcards in a tin by Papaya Art? Once the postcards are stashed away, the tin will look beautiful holding pens (or maybe flowers?) on my desk. Certainly, a welcome spring addition to any home or work space.

Lastly, the most sincere way to say thanks is with a handwritten note. Be gracious. Emily Post and Miss. Manners would agree, don’t reserve thank you notes just for holidays and wedding gifts. Thank your friends and family for their love, support or advice and do it often. In my opinion, there’s nothing like receiving a handwritten note – knowing that someone took the time and energy to write me. Don’t limit yourself to picking a notecard that explicitly says “thanks.” Find stationery that suits you and your style and then customize your personal message inside to express thanks. Personally, I’m drawn to the skull notecards by DL & Co, which are a little bit bad but also handsome.


Black Is The New Black

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Yves Saint Laurent Fall 08 Ready to Wear

Yves Saint Laurent Fall 08 Ready to Wear

Technically, black is not a color. I like to think of it as a mood instead; a visual enhancer of a feeling. It says so much, this non-color color. I read once somewhere: “style is an easy way of saying complicated things.” I love this, because when I read it, I thought “black”. When I wear black, I am announcing to the world that I feel sexy, I feel strong, I feel creative, I feel mysterious, I just feel something–often times, very contrasting things. It expresses so much, this “nothing” of a color. It speaks its very own language; it is almost like it deserves its own dictionary– if you looked up “black”, there would be hundreds of thousands of explanations for its meaning. It is really that deep, really that wide. Really.

I surround myself with trinkets of black things, little items that drive some macabre/seductive/exciting and excitable sensibility into my space, my closet, my bathroom, my makeup case. I have this bizarre but cool black plastic apple that I bought in some random store in Tokyo. It doesn’t do anything but sit on the dresser, gathering dust, but I like it. It’s rather wicked, but at the same time, it’s naive.

pinkwink-updatedI wear little lingerie pieces in black. I like the way they make me feel like Catherine Deneuve in Belle du Jour—sexy in a covert way, a little “bad” underneath the good girl exterior. The set from Bestow Boutique is my favorite, especially since it’s trimmed in pink (good vs evil, maybe?).

Mor Fruits of Cornucopia Soap

Mor Fruits of Cornucopia Soap

I have a set of black soaps that my friend Elyn gave me, and I don’t want to use them because I just like looking at them. (Will black soap possibly wash away my sins? Or are they sinful in and of themselves?)

I just got the new black lipgloss from YSL. It’s sick, but in a good way. It’s sort of goth, but it’s ridiculously chic. It’s shiny and looks like patent leather. It’s heaven. (Or is it hell?)

Thorn Apple Diffuser

Thorn Apple Diffuser

My prized possession, however, is the DL & Co black crystal diffuser. It looks like it should hold some home brewed love poison–a potion of madness, of lust, of desire. It says “I feel” all over it. Its scent is called “Thorn Apple”—an oxymoron of epic proportions—a sweet fruit covered in sharp, macabre needles. Yes. Now that is emotional… that is bitter; that is sweet; that is the definition of “black”. —Elizabeth

black-inspiration-boardOther inspired black basics: Lock & Key Necklace by Dogeared, Swarovski Crystal & Lace Flower Hair or Lapel Clip by Tarina Tarantino, Black Licorice Shampoo by Philosophy, Black Lip Gloss by YSL, Shoe by Christian Loubotin and iconic black nail polish by Chanel.

Gift Guide by Astrological Sign – Pisces

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pisces Happy birthday, Pisces! To be honest, belated birthday wishes might be in order (unless, of course, we’re early). Knowing that you’re an imaginative dreamer who likes to mix the unexpected and edgy with the latest fashions, I pulled together a few things I thought you’d like. Feel free to send this post as a nudge to those you love.

The Pisces woman will want to pair the seductive Belle corset with embroidered Pisces panties for the ultimate expression of tough and tender. The hand-crafted porcelain stallion necklace is precious with a bit of an edge. Store in the mint green star box for safe-keeping.

I know how important daydreaming is for Pisces’, therefore I thought a nice bath with the triple-milled Cucumber and Casaba soap by Mor would be a refreshing escape into the fantasy world of your choice.

Don’t forget about the Pisces man in your life. Encourage him to carve out some time to guiltlessly pore over SOUL i-D, a visual anthology of ideas and images from some of the most creative names in contemporary fashion, music, art and design. I bet he’d also like the mint green star box to stash personal treasures.

Home Decorating Ideas – Modern Romantic Accessories

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Here at Bestow, we love romance. Take a look at the Seduction & Romance category if you need proof. However, we believe that romance shouldn’t be quarantined to the bedroom or simply on designated holidays. Add a little intrigue to your everyday routine. We’re here to make sure you appreciate not only your loved ones, but also yourself. Take a look at our tips and tricks to create a truly enchanting home.


Master the look of disheveled elegance by storing jewelry in one of  these fresh and flirty options. Dump loose change & cuff links on our Porcelain Wing Trays, stack rings in a Lip Print Teacup & Saucer, let necklaces spill out of your Hero Box, store small bracelets in an aptly named “Curiosite” Box or assemble chunky bangles on a “Heavenly” Plate.

Mix tough and tender pieces to create a bathroom that both you and your lover will enjoy. Light the True Grace pillar and Mor Fruits of Cornucopia candles  to enhance relaxation. Keep live or dried flowers in the Black Urn Vase and store cotton balls and q-tips in the Jonathan Adler Druggist Jars. Keep the Milk Splash Tray in the bathroom to easily store watches & rings that you take off before stepping into the shower. Let hot water fill your bath and enjoy Peony Flower or Fruits of Cornucopia products.


Lastly, decorate your vanity or tabletops with an assortment of ornate frames, perfume bottles and other stunning knickknacks. Might we suggest the blinging Zebra Pill Box, Crystal Pave Frame, Crystal Flower Frame and Crystal Pave Round Frame? Fill the Antique Glass Perfume Bottle with your favorite scent and pair with the Cherry Blossom Tea Cup for a touch of gold. The Venetian Hand Mirror, Jonathan Adler Lust Pillow and Mor Fruits of Cornucopia Eau de Parfum will balance some of the girlier items to create an ultra-mod environment.

The key to a modern romantic home is to mix and match your favorite pieces from different styles. Look for lace, ribbon or embroidered details. Allow yourself to use unconventional and creative storage. Surround yourself with love and you’re sure to enjoy spending time in your home.

We want to know: what items do you cherish in your home? What’s your favorite decorating tip? What have you done to treat yourself recently? Leave a comment and share the love.

Meet Tina Tsang of Undergrowth Design

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Tina Tsang

Tina Tsang

Bestow had a chat with Tina Tsang, the witty designer behind the adventurous and perverse Blaue Blume tea set. This quirky but delicate collection caught our eye and has since become a Bestow favorite. We loved the phrases, “scrumptious” and “aphrodisiac” that adorn these pieces. Bestow founder and Creative Director,  Amy Demas fell in love with the idea of taking it a bit further. She then suggested using the phrase “Eat Me” on the dessert stand. Tina’s willingness to customize the collection for the Bestow customer has further endeared her in our hearts.

What inspired the Blaue Blume collection?
I was a lingerie designer at the time so I was working with lace, coupled by my background in animation; it all came together because of the different disciplines I had been involved in.

What is earthenware? How is it made?
Earthenware is a type of clay, we could not use porcelain since the legs would bend too much in the kiln and it would be very difficult to achieve the same results. Earthenware is a more flexible medium.

Do you hand-make each piece?
Yes we hand finish and paint each piece from our handmade manual slip cast moulds.

Suagr Bath with legs spoon

Sugar Bath with legs spoon


Red Shoes Legs Teapot

At what point did you start customizing the sets?
After the success of the gold shoes, I decided to launch the red and black shoes. But it took time to get the right red.

What kind of gold is used for the writing?
9K gold plated.

What do you have planned for 2009?
Many more projects apart from those with legs, I’ve seen enough legs for a lifetime! I’m finishing off the Blaue Blume range with the ice cream cup and a large cake display and launching the pink range to have them all in very light faded pink as well.

Legs Dessert Stand

Legs Dessert Stand

What is the best gift you’ve received?
A book by Sylvia Plath.

What is one of your favorite gifts that you’ve given to someone?
Shoes from the old curiosity shop in London. They are so amazing and all handmade in his basement workshop, the oldest shop in London, and the actual shop Charles Dickens wrote about.

Tell us about your most spontaneous moment.
When I joined a pair of dolls legs to a teacup! I was just fooling around but they actually looked quite good so I went with the idea

My passion is…
Vintage fairs in Paris, eating cake and dreaming.

A graduate of Central Saint Martins College of Art, Tina is inspired by the obscure and uncanny.  She currently runs her own manufacturing agency trading with china in garments and does freelance fashion styling.

View the entire Blaue Blume collection at


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