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New Traditions: Throwing a Tasteful Bachelorette Party

Posted in Uncategorized on May 26, 2009 by rachelohunter

chic bannerWe’ve all seen them, those pub crawls masquerading as bachelorette parties, the bride-to-be neck deep in gag gifts and humiliation trying to put on a brave happy face for the passersby as if maybe we won’t notice that she’s wearing a toilet paper sash and drugstore tiara. I think we can all agree it’s time for a bachelorette party intervention. furnishings+014I’m going to give these women the benefit of the doubt and assume that they all live tasteful charmed lives but have simply been so swept up in the hoopla and expectations of what a bachelorette party is supposed to be that they have simply forgotten themselves. That said, lets collectively agree to forget what a bachelorette party is “supposed to be” and focus on creating a modern tradition we can all enjoy and make our own.

just marriedMore and more people are throwing out the tired old expecteds that come with getting married in favor of celebrations that reflect the individuals involved. There’s no reason the bachelorette party should be left out of the makeover fun. At the core the bachelorette party is meant to be the ultimate girls’ night out, so get inventive, be imaginative, plan something creative not just silly and you know you’ll have a good time.

travel skyscraperIf her friends are spread all over the world why not plan a girls getaway to someplace she’s always wanted to go? Surfing in Costa Rica? Spa treatments at the Dead Sea? Lazy cabana life in Baja? It can be nearly impossible to gather your far flung friends for a wedding and all of the events leading up to it, but you might find that if you plan early enough in advance you can find a time when you can all sneak away for a weekend and meet for an exotic last hurrah. Pack cozy comfort gifts that center around the travel theme like travel cases, trashy magazines, a silk robe and slippers, or satiny nightgowns.

foodie skyscraperIf the bride’s a foodie let the event center around her passion. Plan a tasting dinner at her favorite restaurant- chef’s choice. Bring the girls to a vineyard for a wine tasting or your go-to wine bar where the sommeliers can impart a little knowledge. Does she love food, but have a hard time boiling water? Spend a night learning your way around the kitchen at a culinary class (many of them do wine pairings so you can drink while you learn- I know that’s always worked out well for me in the past). If she’s more of a homebody plan a dinner in and you can all cook together. Suggest everyone pitch in on one special gift like a night out at a high-end restaurant, one of a kind serving pieces perfect for entertaining, or a big decadent version of a household staple like the love jug.

2007-06-02peoniesIf she’s a lady who lunches plan a chic afternoon of mimosas and finger sandwiches for just the girls at her favorite brunch spot. Make it a lingerie luncheon and ask all the guests to bring a silky something for the bride to be. Specify no gag gifts, please (they’ll clash with the peonies). Come bearing gifts of classically beautiful French silk lingerie from Fifi Chachnil, elegant luxury by Kumi Kookoon, or get a little funky with Betsy Johnson Intimates. lingerie lunch strip

Bestow 070web(2)If you just have to have a little bridal branding go for creative and interesting over silly and throw-away. Get everyone one of these cool and easily rewearable bridal T’s printed on soft American Apparel T-shirts and bring the bling with these fun diamond ring coasters. If you’re into silly sentiments let the bride know how you feel on these Note to the Bride panties.

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