Spring Into Stationery – A Primer On What To Write Now

It’s 60 degrees and rising here in New York City. Spring is on the horizon. There’s a freshness in the air. After a winter of hibernation, it’s time to reconnect. While I’m dreaming of lunches in the park (hello, shake shack!) and cocktails on outdoor patios, I also realize it’s time to say hello to friends I might not have talked to recently. In honor of Spring, I offer up a few pieces of advice to help you stay in touch with yourself and others.

bestow-096web1First, never underestimate the power of a paper journal. It’s not the same as blogging and sure it takes longer for many of us to write by hand instead of typing. However, some thoughts should remain private. Carry a journal in your purse and carve out some time each day to write down your personal reflections. Make it an indulgent affair – check in with yourself while sipping a glass of wine or enjoying the beautiful weather in a park.

bestow-112web1Be prepared. Keep an assortment of postcards on hand. These will double for quick hello’s and as gift tags. Top a present with an artful postcard and include your best wishes on the back. Simple, beautiful and time saving. What will you do with the time you reclaim for strolling up and down greeting card aisles? May I suggest these gorgeous postcards in a tin by Papaya Art? Once the postcards are stashed away, the tin will look beautiful holding pens (or maybe flowers?) on my desk. Certainly, a welcome spring addition to any home or work space.

Lastly, the most sincere way to say thanks is with a handwritten note. Be gracious. Emily Post and Miss. Manners would agree, don’t reserve thank you notes just for holidays and wedding gifts. Thank your friends and family for their love, support or advice and do it often. In my opinion, there’s nothing like receiving a handwritten note – knowing that someone took the time and energy to write me. Don’t limit yourself to picking a notecard that explicitly says “thanks.” Find stationery that suits you and your style and then customize your personal message inside to express thanks. Personally, I’m drawn to the skull notecards by DL & Co, which are a little bit bad but also handsome.



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