Gift Guide by Astrological Sign – Pisces

pisces Happy birthday, Pisces! To be honest, belated birthday wishes might be in order (unless, of course, we’re early). Knowing that you’re an imaginative dreamer who likes to mix the unexpected and edgy with the latest fashions, I pulled together a few things I thought you’d like. Feel free to send this post as a nudge to those you love.

The Pisces woman will want to pair the seductive Belle corset with embroidered Pisces panties for the ultimate expression of tough and tender. The hand-crafted porcelain stallion necklace is precious with a bit of an edge. Store in the mint green star box for safe-keeping.

I know how important daydreaming is for Pisces’, therefore I thought a nice bath with the triple-milled Cucumber and Casaba soap by Mor would be a refreshing escape into the fantasy world of your choice.

Don’t forget about the Pisces man in your life. Encourage him to carve out some time to guiltlessly pore over SOUL i-D, a visual anthology of ideas and images from some of the most creative names in contemporary fashion, music, art and design. I bet he’d also like the mint green star box to stash personal treasures.


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