Home Decorating Ideas – Modern Romantic Accessories

Here at Bestow, we love romance. Take a look at the Seduction & Romance category if you need proof. However, we believe that romance shouldn’t be quarantined to the bedroom or simply on designated holidays. Add a little intrigue to your everyday routine. We’re here to make sure you appreciate not only your loved ones, but also yourself. Take a look at our tips and tricks to create a truly enchanting home.


Master the look of disheveled elegance by storing jewelry in one of  these fresh and flirty options. Dump loose change & cuff links on our Porcelain Wing Trays, stack rings in a Lip Print Teacup & Saucer, let necklaces spill out of your Hero Box, store small bracelets in an aptly named “Curiosite” Box or assemble chunky bangles on a “Heavenly” Plate.

Mix tough and tender pieces to create a bathroom that both you and your lover will enjoy. Light the True Grace pillar and Mor Fruits of Cornucopia candles  to enhance relaxation. Keep live or dried flowers in the Black Urn Vase and store cotton balls and q-tips in the Jonathan Adler Druggist Jars. Keep the Milk Splash Tray in the bathroom to easily store watches & rings that you take off before stepping into the shower. Let hot water fill your bath and enjoy Peony Flower or Fruits of Cornucopia products.


Lastly, decorate your vanity or tabletops with an assortment of ornate frames, perfume bottles and other stunning knickknacks. Might we suggest the blinging Zebra Pill Box, Crystal Pave Frame, Crystal Flower Frame and Crystal Pave Round Frame? Fill the Antique Glass Perfume Bottle with your favorite scent and pair with the Cherry Blossom Tea Cup for a touch of gold. The Venetian Hand Mirror, Jonathan Adler Lust Pillow and Mor Fruits of Cornucopia Eau de Parfum will balance some of the girlier items to create an ultra-mod environment.

The key to a modern romantic home is to mix and match your favorite pieces from different styles. Look for lace, ribbon or embroidered details. Allow yourself to use unconventional and creative storage. Surround yourself with love and you’re sure to enjoy spending time in your home.

We want to know: what items do you cherish in your home? What’s your favorite decorating tip? What have you done to treat yourself recently? Leave a comment and share the love.


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